Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Review – Its A Decent Product

Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer











  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Easy To Use
  • Low Maintenance
  • Runs Silent


  • Bulky & Awkward
  • Can only run in sunlight (doesn't have to be full sun)
  • Doesn't have the best reputation for quality

The Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer isn’t my favorite solar powered pool skimmer out there, but its not a bad product and I think many people would agree. In this Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer review I’ll be going over the goods and bads of this product to give you a better idea of whether or not its right for you and your pool.

To start off, here is a brief overview of it.

Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Overview

This pool skimmer is 100% solar powered and can save you money in the long run.

It is completely independent and floats on the surface of your pool, requiring very little work to operate.

And during operation you won’t notice a thing. It gives off little to no noise whatsoever, which means you can relax while its running.

How It Workssavior pool solar skimmer

The Savior uses a traditional skimmer mechanism. Beneath the solar panel there is a pump. And then you will see an arm that extends out to the filter.

The filter sits beneath the surface of the water a small amount and pulls in the surface water and whatever debris comes with it.

You will also notice that there are 2 arms that extend from the skimmer. These are simply for flotation and are very important. They keep the skimmer at the appropriate depth. This way there isn’t too much water coming in, nor is there too little.

What Makes It Awesome

I’m sure you already know this, but the awesome part is that you don’t have to do anything! You can sit around while the Savior does all the skimming for you, and…. at no cost!

You can keep this skimmer running all day if you would like, from sunrise to sundown.

I know everyone wants to save time, and pool skimming can be a hassle that never ends. But with a solar powered pool skimmer like this, its no longer a hassle. Its simple and it works.

Its Not Just About “Skimming”

This Natural Current’s Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer is of course a skimmer, and its job is to skim the water, but it does more than just that.

It will keep the surface of your pool clear of dirt and debris (If you use it enough), which in turn will keep your entire pool cleaner, bottom and all.

Much of the dirt and debris that you find on the bottom of your pool was once floating on the surface. Then, after absorbing too much water it sank to the bottom and now waits for you to vacuum it up. But if this dirt was skimmed before it got the chance to sink, you wouldn’t have this problem.

If you keep you keep you pool surface clean and skim it a lot, you will notice a difference in the amount of dirt that settles on the bottom. Its not a question, you absolutely will notice.

And the Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer is a good product to keep your pool surface clean.


There is really not much maintenance that you should have to do. While things could go wrong with the solar panel and pump system, they shouldn’t.

Then only regular maintenance would be cleaning out the filter. The filter sits down in the skimmer and simply lifts right out. When it gets cluttered with debris just lift it out, dump it out, and set it back in. Its as easy as that.

Is It Worth The Price?

The Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer is a “good” product, but I wouldn’t call it great. Its not exactly the best quality out there. If you do research on the company Natural Currents (which its made by) you will find a good amount of complaints from terrible customer service, to pump not working, and so on.

solar breeze

Solar Breeze

And one thing that I really don’t like about this product is its design. Its just awkward with its arm sticking out and then 2 flotation arms sticking out from that. I think they could have came up with a better layout than that.

My advice if you are looking for a solar powered pool skimmer would be to check out the Solar Breeze. It is a reputable product that I definitely am a fan of. It will keep your pool just as clean and probably even cleaner than the Savior, and its cheaper!

Final Thoughts On The Savior Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Like I said, its good but not great. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this product because I think there are better options. But if you are looking for an independent solar powered pool skimmer with a “conventional” skimmer design, than this is the product for you (Solar Breeze doesn’t have conventional skimmer design).

If you do purchase this skimmer your pool WILL be cleaner, you WILL save time, and you “should” save money (I say “should” because judging from customer reviews there is a chance you will run into problems).

Cheapest Place To Buy

You guessed it… It is available on Amazon for around $800 & free shipping (price varies). And I know thats a lot of money. Thats another reason I suggest going with the Solar Breeze.