Solar Pool Cover Reviews

Solar pool covers, in my opinion, are the most cost effective way to heat your swimming pool. Considering the price you pay for (most) solar covers, they are well worth the investment and I think they are a staple product for pool owners. Solar pool covers work very well.

And one thing thats nice about them is that they are so simple in design. They simply lay on the water and do what they are meant to do. Absorbing and transferring heat to the water, insulating the pool from heat loss, and preventing evaporation are all benefits of a solar pool cover.

Although their design is so simple, believe it or not there are still products out there that just weren’t made right, and aren’t good quality. Or course in order to be a cost effective investment you need a solar pool cover that lives up to the hype, keeping your pool warm and lasting for years.

To help you find a solar pool cover that is the right match for you and your pool, I have reviewed some of the most popular solar pool covers available. With these solar pool cover reviews you can make a better and more informed purchasing decision.


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