Sun2Solar Pool Cover Review – Are These Covers Worth The Money?

By | June 26, 2018

Sun2Solar Pool Covers











  • Easy to use
  • Comes in different shapes/sizes
  • Blue or clear option available
  • Durable and well-made


  • A bit pricey

If you are looking to get a solar cover for your pool then Sun2Solar pool covers is one of the options that you have. But is this a good option? There are many different solar cover brands out there to choose from and you don’t want to end up with something that only lasts one season.

in this Sun2Solar pool cover review I will be going over what you should know before you buy. I will cover things such as durability, complaints, clear vs blue options and more… but first I think it is important to go over a few reasons for why people use solar pool covers in the first place…

Why Use a Solar Cover?

1) Heat Your Pool at No Cost

The first obvious reason to use a solar cover is to heat your pool, and this is also probably the most popular reason for purchasing solar covers. Solar covers lay on the surface of the water and help heat your poll by preventing existing heat from escaping and by transferring heat from the sun’s rays into the water below.

2) Help Keep Your Pool Clean

Another reason that you should think about is how a solar cover will help keep your pool much cleaner. It will lay on the surface and prevent debris from falling into the pool. This also makes it much easier when you go to vacuum your pool later on.

3) Prevent Evaporation

And another reason to use a solar pool cover is to prevent evaporation, which is something you don’t hear about all that often but is important. With a cover laying across the surface, water will not be able to evaporate out from under it. It’ll only be able to evaporate around the edges that the solar cover does not cover up.

This can decrease evaporation by up to 95% and if you live in an arid environment and are constantly bringing out the hose to fill your pool back up then this can be a big help. Evaportation also sucks heat out of your pool due to the energy that is required for water to evaportate.

Sun2Solar Pool Cover Review

Overall, Sun2Solar pool covers or good quality and the customer ratings that you find online reflect this. For example, on Amazon these covers have ratings of around 4.4/5, which is very good if you are familiar with Amazon ratings. Generally speaking, anything above 4 is pretty good.

But anyways, these covers do what they are supposed to do, or well-made, and are reasonably priced. They are constructed of a durable resin material in their design consists of thousands of little air bubbles that help transfer heat to the water and keep it afloat.

This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. These are as cheap as the nameless pool covers you will find. They are namebrand and because of that they are well-made to uphold the brand’s reputation.


To be honest there really isn’t much of anything worth mentioning as far as complaints go. I have read through buyer reviews on a number of different websites that sell these covers, like Amazon and Walmart for example, and the general opinion is that they are good quality covers.

Most of the complaints I found are about solar pool covers in general… some people swear by them and others don’t care for them much. There have been a few complaints I found about the covers ripping and not being durable enough but these are slim to none. Most people say the opposite story.

I guess you could complain about these covers not coming with storage bags though… that is a downside. However, you can easily store them in large garbage bag. And when I’m talking about storing them I’m talking about doing it for the colder months when the pool is closed.

Clear vs Blue Covers

Depending on what kind of Sun2Solar pool cover you are looking to buy you might or might not have the option of selecting between a clear or blue cover. But if you do have the option then you need to know what to choose and deciding can be tricky.

I actually wrote an entire post on blue vs clear pool covers because there are many people on both sides of the fence as to which is better.

The clear solar pool covers allow more sun rays to pass through the cover and penetrate deeper into the pool water. What this does is leads to a more uniform heating effect. Heat is distribute more evenly and you don’t end up with that really hot layer of water at the very top.

Blue solar pool covers, on the other hand, absorb more of the sun’s rays, which decreases the penetration of the sun into your pool. This leads to much of the heat being transferred from the pool cover to the water and creates a hot layer of water on the surface.

Some people like that hot layer of water on the surface but others would rather the heat be more uniform. They both work good though and it is hard to say which is actually better.

Where to Buy

There is a good selection of Sun2Solar pool covers on Amazon. They have round and rectangular covers available in different sizes and both in blue or clear options.  And if you can’t find the exact size or shape that you need, the good thing about covers like this is that you can easily trim them up to get a perfect fit. Just take a pair of scissors, measure everything out, and make your own shape.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed my review here. In summary… yes, Sun2Solar pool covers are good. If you are sick of having cheap pool covers that only last 1 or 2 seasons or you are looking for a good quality cover to start out with then these are a good choice.

Please leave any comments or questions below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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