Solar Pool Heater Reviews

Solar pool heaters are a great eco-friendly way to save money on your pool heating bill. They harness the free power of the sun. And whats awesome is that they have no moving parts and require no maintenance. Just hook it up to your pool system and you’re good to go.

The way they work is so simple, yet effective. Water is pumped from your pool into coils. These coils are heated by the sunlight and this heat is transferred to the water. Then the water is pumped back out into the pool, much warmer than when it entered.

They work great if and only if you have a good quality one. Buying junk products will only end in disappointment. You want a good quality solar pool heater that has a decent sized surface area to absorb sufficient sunlight, all while having a “fluid” design that doesn’t cause much resistance to the water flow.

Below you can find comprehensive solar pool heater reviews of some of the most popular solar pool heaters available. Then you will be able to make a better decision on which heater is best for your pool situation.


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