Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools – Review

Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools











  • Easy To Install
  • No Maintenance
  • Effective Design For Water Flow
  • Virtually Free Pool Heating


  • For Small Pools Only
  • Heats Slowly
  • Increases Pump Workload (minimal because of design)

The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools is a good and cost effective heating solution for your pool. But don’t buy it if your pool is on the larger side. It works great, but due to its small design its intended for use with smaller pools.

In this review of Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 I’ll be going over a few things that you should know before you decide whether or not this product is right for you and your pool.

First, here is a brief overview of the product.

Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools ReviewGame 4512 SolarPro xd1 Overview

The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 uses no electricity and utilizes free heat from the sun. It is virtually free to heat your pool with a heater like this.

This nice little solar pool heater catches the eye, and I would consider it aesthetically pleasing compared to others.

It features a dome encosure, with black tubing that spirals around the inside. The diameter of the dome measures in at only 23 inches, which is definitely on the smaller side.

Because of its smaller size it will not absorb a lot of sun (compared to other solar pool heaters). So it is recommended that you only use this solar heater with pools up to 8,000 gallons.

If your pool is within this solar heater’s limits, you can expect it to warm your pool up about 5 degrees in 3-8 days (generally speaking).

How It Works – How Will It Heat Up My Pool?

One thing that I love about the Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 (and all solar pool heaters for that matter) is that it is extremely simple in the way it works, yet it is effective too.

Here is how it works: You will connect the heater, with the appropriate tubing, between the pump/filter and the pool, on the side where the water is flowing back into the heater installation

The water will go through your pump/filter as it normally does. But then when it is pumped into the solar heater, it will warm up before exiting back into the pool.


The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 will have a “greenhouse” effect on the water. The dome is enclosed with a clear plastic. This will allow sunlight into the enclosure and will trap heat inside. The black tubing that is spiraled on the inside will also absorb a good amount of heat from the sun. And it is this “black spiral tubing” that your pool water is pumped through.

What Is Good About The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1

One of the common complaints about solar pool heaters is that they slow down the water flow. This is because your pool pump now has to work a little bit harder, because its now pumping water over a larger area.

The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1’s design is something worth noting. The tubing that the water is pumped through is in a spiral. This is a great design for decreasing water resistance as it is pumped through. The water can flow in and out of it with ease.

The water flow with a spiral design like this one is more efficient than many other rectangular solar pool heaters I have come across.

How Much Can It Heat My Pool?

This depends an many variables, such as the size of your pool, the initial temperature, the amount of sunlight, etc. The only way to really know is to try it out.

But just to give you a general number, you could expect it to increase your pool by 5 degrees in 3-8 days. I know that that is a wide range, but thats the best I can tell you.

The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 WILL work, and it WILL heat your pool. But how fast and how much is only found out by trying it.

Note: You can hook two of these heaters up to your pool for increased effectiveness.

Whats “Not Good” About The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1

You may have noticed that above I said that using the Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 is “virually” free heating for your pool. But its not exactly completely free.

And I say this because it causes your pool pump to work a little bit harder pumping the water throughout the added solar heater. This means your pool pump will use more electricity to do so. And this means its an added cost.

Now the added cost will be minimal, but still I think its worth mentioning. And this goes for all solar pool heaters.

My only complaint specific to this solar pool heaters is its size. Due to it being small, its use is limited. And if you don’t have a small pool, this is not the product for you.

A Few Tips On This Product

First off, make sure you have a nice sunny area to position the Game 4512 SolarPro xd1. Ideally you want to minimize the amount of tubing you use to hook it up. So the closer to the pool pump and the pool the better. This way there is less distance for the water to travel, and this means less strain on you pump.

If you have a very weak pump you may want to either want to reconsider buying this product, or just get a new pool pump. A 1/2 HP pump is probably the lowest powered pump you want to go.

Final Thoughts on The Game 4512 SolarPro xd1

This solar heater is without a doubt on the “better” side of things. Its good quality and should last you quite a long time. It will heat your pool up, but don’t expect miracles out of the gate.

And its efficient design won’t strain your pump too much.

Overall, this dome solar heater is a great and cost effective way to heat your pool. It sure as heck beats using electric or gas heating. It can be used in conjunction with solar pool covers, which are already a great free way to heat your pool.

Just remember, this heater is for small pools up to 8,000 gallons. If you have a larger pool you should look at larger solar heaters (like the Solar PRO xf Pool Heater).

Cheapest Place To Buy

The cheapest place you are going to be able to find the Game 4512 SolarPro xd1 is on for $94.99, which really isn’t a bad price at all for a solar heater like this (this price is subject to change).