Solar PRO xf Pool Heater Review – Here is my opinion

Solar PRO xf Pool Heater











  • simple design
  • easy to install
  • no maintenance
  • virtually free heating


  • heating is slow
  • increases the pumps workload

If you have an above-ground pool and are looking for a solar pool heater then the Solar PRO xf Pool Heater is one that you should consider. Its designed very well and works just as intended. I don’t see any problems with this heater that would scare people away from buying it.

In this Solar PRO xf Pool Heater review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know before you make a purchase decision. But first off, here is a brief overview.

Solar PRO xf Pool Heater Overview

This solar heater uses a very simple but effective design to heat your pool with the sun, which is awesome because its free.

It features a 10 square foot surface that absorbs a good deal of sunlight and is ideal for “normal” sized above ground pools. Inside the surface there are coils in which the water is heated up. To heat the water even more intensely, it has a polycarbonate covering that helps trap the heat inside. This way, a little sunlight goes long way when it comes to its heating capabilities. So even when its not the sunniest of days it will still be able to perform decently (although of course not as good).

This heater is also equipped with 2″ inlet and outlet tubing. This is good sized and should allow for good water flow. All solar heaters will reduce your pumps water flow at least a little, but this should not be a problem here.

This heater comes with a 1 year limited warranty in case you run into problems for some reason.

How Does This Solar Heater Work?

The way this system works is very simple.

The solar heater is hooked up to the pump and then back to the pool with the 2″ tubing. So the pump pulls in water, pumps it through the solar heater and its coils, and then back into the pool.

Solar PRO xf Pool Heater water flow

The good thing about this simple system is that it requires no maintenance. There are no mechanical parts in the solar heater that need tended to. Just hook it up and its good to go. You need to make sure your filter is doing a good job though, because if it isn’t and there is debris getting past it into the solar heater you could run into clogging problems.

How Much Heat Does It Produce?

Of course you want to know the answer to this. And the answer is pretty darn good. For an average sized above ground pool (as pictured above) you can expect it to heat around 5°F in a week, give or take a few days.

It all depends on the size of your pool, the initial temperature of the water, and the amount and intensity of the sunlight. The 5°F per week is a general estimate of the heating you can expect when your pool is cooler (late spring when you open it).

This will get your pool to a warm swim-able temperature faster in the spring and it will keep it warm longer into the fall. You can really increase your swimming season with this. All thanks to the sun and this fine piece of technology.

The cool thing about the Solar PRO xf Pool Heater is that you can hook more than one of them up to your pool. If you want to heat it up faster and more, then hook two or more of these up side by side.

This Solar Heater Will Save You Money!

Not just this one, but any of the solar heaters that are good quality will without a doubt save you money if you normally use an electric or gas pool heater.

The Solar PRO xf Pool Heater is a quality solar heater. Its fairly small and conservative and by no means over the top. Its about as simple as it gets and works like its supposed to.

Electric pool heaters cost generally anywhere from $50 to $100 per month, and gas heaters even more than that just to keep them running. But with this solar heater you shouldn’t have to deal with high bills just for heating your pool.

This Solar Heater Has A Low Operating Cost

There is somewhat of a “cost of running” with this solar heater however, and I need to touch on this. Most places will act as if it is a completely free way to heat your pool, but this isn’t exactly true.

You see, when you hook this solar heater up to your pump system, your pump has to work a little harder to pump the water through the solar heater, this will cause your pump to use more energy and consume more electricity. It shouldn’t be much and still beats the cost of other heaters, but its something you should be aware of.

Tip: When hooking up the solar heater to the pump system don’t use any tubing “elbows”. Try to keep your tubing as straight as possible for easier water flow and less resistance. This will help your pump out.

Final Thoughts

The Solar PRO xf Pool Heater is a great deal. Its simple, effective, and will save you money. Whats not to like?

If you have an above ground pool that you always wanted a heater for, or you just don’t want to keep paying high heating costs for your current heater, then this solar pool heater is worth some consideration. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Cheapest Place To Buy

As you may be able to guess, has the best price. Currently the price is set at $199.95 with free shipping (the price will vary). And I know that does sound like a lot of money. But the fact of the matter is that the return on investment outweighs the cost in the long run.

Before You Buy

Make sure you have room for it in the first place. You need to have some room right next to your pump and filter to hook it up. If you don’t have room close by you will have to run extra tubing to connect the solar heater and I do not recommend this as it will put excess strain on the pump. Depending on the power of your pump, it may not even be able to hand it.

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