Floatron Pool Ionizer Review – Is It worth the money?

Floatron Pool Ionizer











  • 100% solar powered
  • Can handle fairly large pools
  • Runs silent
  • Low maintenance


  • Must replace electrode every so often
  • Cannot run throughout the night

The Floatron pool ionizer is quite amazing and it can save you lots of money when it comes to keeping your pool water clear. I am pleasantly surprised with this product. Its noticeably effective.

In this Floatron pool ionizer review I’ll be going over what you need to know before you make a decision on whether or not to purchase this product. To begin I’ll do a brief overview.

Overview Of The Floatron Pool Ionizer

The Floatron is 100% solar powered, which is environmentally friendly and costs you nothing. It has solar panels on the top of its surface, which floats above the water.

It uses water ionization technology that is scientifically proven to bring about clearer water (believe me it works). And I’ll get more into how it works shortly.

Also, you will barely notice the Floatron. Its rather small and operates completely silent. There are no moving parts making noise, which also means less problems that you can run into. And fortunately it comes with a 2 year warranty in case you would experience problems.

The Floatron is a very cost effective product and pays for itself (by saving you money elsewhere) fairly quickly.

How The Floatron Works

floatron electrodeIll keep this brief.

The Floatron has an electrode anode that produces copper and other ions. These ions are very effective at preventing the growth of microorganisms, such as algae and bacteria.

Not only will these ions prevent algae from growing in your pool, but they will also get rid of existing algae.

This ionization technique for keeping a clean pool may sound a little extreme, but its a much better choice than dumping a ton of chemicals in your water. And by using the Floatron you can reduce your chlorine levels by around 80%!

Using The Floatron = Using Less Chemicals

When you use the Floatron you don’t have near as much of a need for chemicals, such as chlorine.

Chlorine is used for water sanitizing and keeping your water clear, right? Well the Floatron takes are of this without all the harmful side effects.

Chlorine can be very harmful. Even at low doses, like those used in pools, there are still some side effects that no one likes.

Do you like how your pool water stings your eyes and turns them red? Well thats because of the chlorine in your water.

Do you like how your bathing suits and towels fade so quickly? Once again, thats a side effect of using chlorine.

With the Floatron you can reduce the amount of chlorine you use by 80%, which is a heck of a lot. Now since you will only be using a very small portion of chlorine, the side effects will be un-noticeable. And you will be saving a ton of money on chlorine, which brings me to my next point.

It Can Save You Money

The fact of the matter is that you are going to save money with the Floatron. I can’t think of any situations where you wouldn’t save money by using it. Unless you somehow have perfectly clear pool water naturally, which I have never seen.

The cost of chlorine is continuing to increase over the years and it can be very expensive. I’m sure that most of you are spending well over $100 in chlorine each year. Many of you probably reaching nearly $500 or more. I think spending this amount of money on keeping algae out of your pool is absolutely ridiculous.

As I mentioned above, the Floatron will reduce your chlorine dependence by about 80%. Thats a big deal. So take for example this: if you are currently spending $300 on chlorine each year that brings it down to only $60 per year, big difference.

Now of course the “80%” is just a ballpark number that most people can expect. But this will vary depending on pool size and other variables.

You can see how cost effective it is. The Floatron will pay for itself very fast in most situations.

Maintaining The Floatron

The only downside to the Floatron is that you will have to put some money into it to keep it running every so often, but its nothing to worry about.

You will have to do is to replace the mineral electrode once it depletes. They usually last anywhere from 1 – 3 seasons so its not something you will have to worry about yet, because the Floatron comes with a new electrode thats ready to go.

The electrode also should be checked to make sure that its clean in order to function properly. Its suggested that you check it once a week. And if it is dirty and has buildup on it, just spray it off with a hose.

Final Words on The Floatron

Its pretty conclusive that the Floatron is an awesome product. Most people don’t even realize that they can keep their pool clean and algae free with a product like this.

Water ionization is without a doubt a more pleasant way to keep your pool algae free.

The Floatron does a great job at keeping algae out of your pool, and this will reduce your need for chlorine. And this means you save money. And that means you are happier because everyone likes to save money:)

The Floatron is by far one of the most cost effective products I have seen and I highly recommend pool owners consider it.

Cheapest Place to Buy

As with just about everything nowadays, the cheapest place to purchase the Floatron is on Amazon.com for $259.00 and free shipping.

Just about everyone likes this product as you are able to see on the Afloatron reviewsmazon reviews. It has a 4.4/5 customer rating with close to 200 reviews. Thats outstanding compared to most products.

4 thoughts on “Floatron Pool Ionizer Review – Is It worth the money?

  1. ;EE


    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Sorry for the late reply. But yes you should definitely shut off everything and close the pool during the winter months that it is not in use.

      And as far as saving you money, the Floatron can save any pool owner money. Its just that since you would only be using it 3 months out of the year it would take longer to get your money out of what it costs. But it will save you money one chlorine in the long run and that will add up.

  2. Dee

    What about testing the water? Should u not even worry about that? How long do u keep it in? From what I have learned that it’s not just chlorine that can make ur eyes red or sting it’s the pH is to low. Have you tried any other products other then the floating?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dee,

      The Floatron comes with an ion test kit if you buy it on Amazon.com
      The goal copper ion concentration is around 0.2 – 0.3 ppm (parts per million). You don’t have to be exact with that number. And as far as how long you leave it in, that depends.

      You don’t have to worry about the ion concentration right away, it will generally take a week or 2 to reach that concentration level. So in the beginning you could use the Floatron a good bit because you are trying to bring the ion concentration up. But once you reach the goal level, you are then in maintenance mode and you don’t need to use the Floatron near as much.

      And as far as trying other products, no I haven’t personally tried others. The Floatron is my choice for a pool ionizer. Its the best, but its also the most expensive.

      If you are looking for a quality pool ionizer, but don’t want to pay so much you should read my review on the Remington Solar Pool Ionizer. It is great for the price, which is around $140


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