Remington Solar Pool Ionizer Review – Should You Buy It?

Remington Solar Pool Ionizer











  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Low Maintenance
  • Runs Silent


  • Must Replace Anode
  • Only Runs In Daylight
  • Can't Handle Large Pools

The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer is a pretty popular pool ionizer out there, and I must say its a good product. In this Remington Solar Pool Ionizer review I’ll be going over this product so that you have a better understanding before you decide whether or not its right for you.

First, here is a brief overview of the product.

Product Overview

The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer is 100% solar powered. This means no batteries and no cost to power it. It floats on the surface of your pool and runs completely silent.

Its ionization technology is completely harmless to people, pets, fish, etc. but will kill algae and keep it from growing in your pool. This will reduce your need for chlorine by up to 80%.

The size of the Remington Solar Pool Ionizer makes it appropriate for pools up to 35,000 gallons in size.

How The Ionization Technology Works

remington anode

(anode is inside coil)

Its a simple process really.

The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer has a copper anode that hangs beneath it into the water. This anode produces copper ions. And these copper ions destroy algae and other micro organisms in your pool.

This technology has been around for over 2 decades and is backed by science. And besides that, I along with many other pool owners can attest to the fact that it works. And I mean it really works well.

How To Use The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer

Using this product is the easiest thing ever. All you do is stick it in your pool and let it float around using the suns energy for free.

Maintaining it is a breeze.

Basically just check it every week or so to make sure that anode and the coil is not too dirty. They will get a buildup from ionization process that you will have to clean off.

The easiest way to clean it is to rub the coil against the anode to help knock off some of the buildup and then just spray it off with a hose. Its nothing time consuming or difficult.

Note: You are going to want to keep the little basket around the anode during operation. If you don’t you will get some debris from the anode in your pool.

What I like About The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer

If I could only pick 2 things, it would have to be that it lessens your need for chlorine and that it saves you money.

Can Reduce Your Need For Chlorine By 80%

No one really wants to dump chlorine in their pool. It fades out clothing and causes the water to sting your eyes. The reason chlorine is used so much is because people think that they have to use it.

But with a pool ionizer such as the Remington, you don’t have the need to keep your pool clear with chlorine. The ionizer does that for you.

Generally speaking, if you have a pool 35,000 gallons of less, the Remington Solar Pool Ionizer can reduce your need for chlorine by up to 80%.

Note: This ionizer doesn’t solve every problem. You will still need to use some chlorine to clean your pool of things like sun tan lotion, bodily fluids, etc.

It Can Save You A Lot Of Money

Chlorine is insanely expensive. And by reducing your need for chlorine by 80% that saves you a bunch. If you are spending $300 on chlorine per year that brings it down to only $60 per year.

Pool ionizers that are good quality often pay for themselves very fast.

Also with the Remington Pool Ionizer you can save money by reducing you pool pump run-time. You will no longer have the need to circulate the pool water as much and this is nice. We all know how expensive it can be to run a pool pump.

The Downside

As with any pool ionizer, you will have to replace the anode every so often. The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer’s anode will last you generally 1-2 years.

And when you do replace it you are looking at it costing about $40 – $50.

But other than replacing the anode, you really don’t have to do much of anything else to keep this thing running.

Is The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer Worth The Money?

The answer is yes. You will get your money back that you spend on this product in a very short time.

I consider pool ionizers to be some of the most cost effective products that there are for swimming pools, meaning that the value they provide outweighs the initial cost by far. And this Remington Ionizer is on the less expensive side when it comes to pool ionizers.

Take the Floatron for example. Its priced at $259.00 and its the most popular solar pool ionizer on the market. Sure the Floatron is incredible and performs awesome. But its over $100 more than the Remington.

And I don’t see much of a difference to tell you the truth. The Floatron is a little better quality and can handle slightly larger pools, but they both perform as they are intended.

Cheapest Place To Buy The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer

You guessed it. The cheapest place to buy is on Its currently priced at $142.98, but this price will vary slightly. And this price includes free shipping.