Solar Pool Skimmers Rock! Pool Owners Listen Up

solar breeze pool skimmer

Picture above is the Solar Breeze solar pool skimmer

Solar pool skimmers, aka solar powered pool skimmers, whichever you want to call them, they are awesome and you pool owners need to listen up. Because they well worth some consideration. Solar pool skimmers will save you time and effort, money, and they will keep your pool cleaner. Sounds great right? Well they are pretty great (as long as you don’t buy a cheap on of course).

First let me explain how they save you time & effort.

They Save You Time and Effort

This is true for just about every pool owner out there. Everyone has leaves, pine needles, and other debris blowing into their pools. And skimming it out is literally never-ending. You love your trees nearby the pool but you hate the filth they bring to your pool.

Your only solution is to be constantly skimming the water surface to remove this debris and keep your pool looking great.

But “you” don’t actually have to do that with a solar pool skimmer.

“They” do all the work by themselves

and its awesome. The only thing you have to do is clean them out when they are full of debris.

You can set your solar pool skimmer in the water just after sunrise and it will be running strong all day, constantly sucking in water and never letting debris build up. Its a consistent and easy cleaning method that will take away the headache of having to take time out of your day to clean.

If you have a solar pool skimmer then you have extra time on your hands.

Not only do solar pool skimmers save you time and effort, but they do so for free!

Solar Pool Skimmers Save You Money

Just like how everyone wants a clean pool, everyone wants to save money as well. You would think that these two don’t go hand in hand. But they do!

By now everyone knows how solar panels work. They turn sunlight into usable energy in the most basic sense. And its a fact that they save you money in most situations. I mean, come on, sunlight is free, right?

Of course there are many factors that come into play when you are determining whether or not a solar pool skimmer is worth the money, such as product longevity. But overall solar pool skimmers seem to be a cost effective product.

These things can run all day for free using nothing but the sun. This means you don’t have to run your pool filter so much, and that can really save you a lot of money. I know many people that run their pool pump just to skim off the surface. That is a riduculous amount of energy consumption for such a simple task and it will really run up your electricity bill.

So save a little money with a solar pool skimmer. If you think about how many hours you can get out of them with absolutely no operating costs, its a great deal (assuming you don’t get ripped off).

And They Keep Your Pool Cleanerleaves in pool

You already know that they are going to keep the surface of your pool cleaner than normal, because you can leave them in all day without worrying about it costing you.

But they can also keep your entire pool cleaner, including the bottom. Huh?

How would solar pool skimmers keep the bottom of your pool cleaner?

Well what many don’t realize is that much of the dirt and debris that settles on the bottom of your pool was once floating on the surface. Then after some time it absorbed enough water that made it sink to the bottom. And by eliminating the debris on the surface you can you can stop the process and keep the bottom cleaner.

Its not something that you would think about, but it really is important. And if you leave a solar pool skimmer running consistently you will notice a difference. I know I sure did.

Lets Not Forget That They Are Eco-friendly

This is very important to me and I would hope it is to you as well.

The solar energy that solar pool skimmers use is 100% clean. That means there is absolutely no air or water pollution.

So you can leave them running all day long and you won’t feel any guilt about harming the environment.

Are Solar Pool Skimmers Right For You?

You don’t have to ask if they are right for your pool, because the size/shape of your pool doesn’t matter. If your pool is very large then it will just take longer to clean, thats all.

The questions you need to answer are..

Do you dread cleaning your pool?

Do you like to save money?

Do you like your pool clean?

I know all of these questions sound obvious and almost stupid. But I really don’t see any “good” reason that someone wouldn’t get a solar pool skimmer.

The most common reason that people would not get one would be due to the price. But you have to think long-term and realize that you will save money.  And of course that is assuming that you buy a good quality solar pool skimmer that doesn’t break (many come with a warranty just in case).

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